What Moves YOU?

1) Downsizing?
We understand, this is always the most emotional move for a family as often downsizing means selling a home…. (Read more)

2) Selling for the first time?
First time sellers have been through the experience of buying. But selling for the first time shows the other side …… (Read more)

3) Growing a family?
A joyous feeling, thinking about your growing family and their growing needs. A time when you feel responsible …. (Read more)

4) Equity Release?
Selling an asset that has been part of a retirement plan or a second home which you no longer require? We appreciate…. (Read more)

5) Selling for a loved one? 
Your reasons for selling for a loved one could vary between ensuring a stable future of an elderly loved one or doing your upmost…. (Read more)

6) Relocating?
A series of new sets of issues can be found in this process of relocation, as you could be relocating for various…. (Read more)

What’s It Worth?
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“We understand your reason for selling”
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Our Promise To You

An Affordable, Reliable and Transparent Estate Agency Service with no hidden charges.

We understand your reason for selling and therefore are equipped with a tailored approach in accordance with your requirements; our principle aim is to provide home owners with an inexpensive solution to selling their home without cutting corners on the service they deserve.

  • Bespoke Market exposure
  • Experienced sales team
  • We use premium marketing boards
  • Savings of up to 80% on sales (100% if using our SDL partners option)
  • Paid social media promotion as standard
  • Viewing options included as standard
  • Experts available at your service for over 2000 hours more than an average high street agent annually.


"Excellent service from the beginning to end completion. All staff were extremely helpful and provided updates regularly further assuring the promised service. The fees alone are really generous and saved me the added expense had I gone to a high street agency."
Big thanks to RÜUT properties - highly recommended.
highly recommended

Pricing Structure

  • Under 80K
  • Up to 180K
  • Up to 280K
  • Up to 450K
  • 450K
  • 299.00.
  • 469.00
  • 649.00
  • 899.00
  • POA

Saving money!

Choose from a service designed to save you thousands ……

Option 1:

0.8% – fixed

Option 2:

From £299 –

Option 3:

In partnership with SDL Auctions

Our Results 

  • Achieve an average of 98.62% of asking price
  • Over 90% of our sales go through first time
  • Average savings of up to 80% on Sales fees

We understand your concerns
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What should you expect from RÜUT's Sales Process

The property value should be determined by a trusted industry expert, with a proven track record and extensive market knowledge to gain the most realistic assessment of its value. Whilst it is easy to access. (READ MORE)

Property presentation is vital, as potential buyers will usually determine whether the property is for them within seconds of previewing it online; be it based on the description, provided floor plans or photos.

At RUUT Homes, we take property presentation seriously (READ MORE)

We take a modern, proactive approach to marketing and advertising your property. Our aim is to exhaust all avenues to ensure your property reaches maximum potential buyers.

Unlike many other agents (READ MORE)

The right viewing strategy could sell a property quicker than usual, especially if all viewings for potential buyers are accommodated.

We promote two types of viewings. (READ MORE)

Qualifying offers is vital, this ensure the potential buyer is meeting the criteria to be able to make a valid offer. Once a offer has been accepted by you, the most important part of the sales process is initiated.

A good post sales service (sales progression) ensures the sale likely hood of a sale completing with ease. Our sales expert’s keep (READ MORE)

A big well done to you, because this is the much-awaited moment you have been anticipating. A true happy ending feeling for sure. However, the job is not yet done and though we will remind you of your final dues, ensure you are


Why RÜUT Sales – Our Tips

• One point of contact
• Local experts
• Understanding your needs
• Approved Marketing Strategies
• Accompanied Viewing
• Assisting onward move
• Wide range of marketing

We Only Aim To Please

Our customers back our service

Happy Customers
New Sale Agreed Every 8 Days
£ 1890
Avg Savings on Sales
I am glad to have chosen RÜUT homes to sell our property. They provided us with an accurate value which was achieved in just weeks. Above all it cost us close to nothing compared to what I would have payed if I had gone with any of the other agents. 
Mrs Gohil
Property Seller
Their service is A-grade and their price for selling is even better! I would recommend their services to other potential house sellers.
Mr Gramos
Property Seller
Honest and transparent advice and a comprehensive service throughout – what more can you ask for! Really impressed with RÜUT Homes.
Mr Singh
Property Seller

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