Buyers Guide.

Looking to purchase your first home?

Everybody has their vision of their ideal home. Whether it be looking for a place where you can expand and decorate, or a home that is already ticking the boxes and is ideal for a growing family home.

One of the biggest moments in your life is purchasing your own home. Here at Rüut Homes we look forward to helping guide you through this journey.


First thing to consider is the purpose of your new home. Is it because you want to start a family? Is it because you need somewhere closer to work? Or is it a future investment? Each of these factors have different criterion to find the right property.


How much do you want to spend? In an ideal world we have ideas of what we want our first home to look like and don’t need to think about how much we spend. However, most of the time this is not the case, so you have to look at what works for your budget. You don’t want to pick up an expensive mortgage that isn’t realistically affordable. So, be wise with decisions involving finances.


It is important to have an idea of where you want your first home to be. This might be closer to family, maybe in a central location with easy access to public transport, or may just be closer to your place of work. You want to be comfortable in your own home and be reassured that you are close to whatever is needed.


Once you start arranging viewings to find your perfect home think about the amount of space in the home. It is key to consider who will be living in the property, if there are 6 of you then a 2-bed property most probably would not be suitable. Carefully look at what kind of space is on offer. Is there room to extend if required? Also have a look if there is storage space and whether the kitchen is big enough. Space is very much a personal opinion. Every person has their own view and what they would like on a property.

We understand that there are certain elements that make a property the ideal home for each individual. We listen to our clients and do our best to deliver a service above and beyond their expectations.

Conclusion: At Rüut Homes we are happy to help guide you through a buying process with an added personal touch!

Authors:Utkarsh Thakkar (Director at Ruut Homes) & Hurrit Singh (Sales Director at Ruut Homes)

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