5 Tips; How to Sell Your Property Fast?

So, you have decided to sell your property, looking for a fresh start or a new challenge?

Many people claim that selling your property can take time and therefore, is a hard process, but we have made it easier with our 5 tips and how we can help make it a smother journey for you.

  1. De-clutter

It is important to ensure your property is clear of clutter and tidy. This enables buyers interested to see the true potential of your property. Therefore, we always advise our clients to make their homes presentable prior to selling, as we also take quality images of your home. Good pictures always sell, so ensuring they look great will really benefit the sale. De-cluttering maximises space in your home, gives a better price for valuations and can focus on what’s key in the home.


At Rüut Homes we believe it is important you are selling at the right value. We carry out a lot of research regarding the area, other house prices around you and the key selling points of your property. If we do not research properly, you can end up for putting your property on the market for too low or high, this is a major disadvantage as either you lose money, or your property does not sell fast. We are always honest with our clients and it really benefits in the long run.


To sell your property people have to know about it, marketing is key. We are one of the fastest estate agents to get properties live on the market after consulting with our clients. Rüut Homes will always ensure the marketing strategy is on point for your property, as this is what speeds up the process, whether this is via social media, online campaigns or other methods, we will deliver results!


Many properties go on the market daily, particularly with Rüut Homes ‘campaigns,’ we get a lot of interest when we list properties. Many potential buyers have a criterion in mind that the property needs to meet for them to be happy with their purchase. Just like we go shopping for trainers or handbags, we want a particular kind of comfort or look otherwise we will not buy them. Therefore, it is essential we understand our buyers and ask a series of relevant questions prior to arranging a viewing. This ensures that the right people are coming to view the property and speeds up the selling process.


Many people sell their property for a number of reasons and want the best price possible, as it will either benefit their next venture or they have other ideas in mind. Therefore, our team at Rüut Homes will always ensure we negotiate the best price with the buyer on your behalf. This minimises the stress and speeds up any delays. The selling process becomes faster and more efficient for all parties involved.


We aim to provide the best service and more importantly want to ensure customers complete satisfaction with using our facilites. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with our extremely friendly sales team. The team is happy to help with any sales enquiries and will guide you through your sales journey.

Author: Utkarsh Thakkar (Director at Ruut Homes)

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